Library Ministry

At RBC, we believe that knowledge and faith go hand in hand. Our Library Ministry is dedicated to nurturing the spiritual growth and intellectual enrichment of our congregation. Our mission is to provide a resourceful and welcoming environment where members can explore, learn, and deepen their understanding of God’s word and the world around them.

Mission and Vision : Our Library Ministry aims to be a beacon of knowledge and a cornerstone of learning within our church community. We envision a space where everyone, from children to adults, can find resources that inspire, educate, and encourage spiritual growth.

Resources Available : Our library is stocked with a diverse collection of books, periodicals, multimedia resources, and study materials. Whether you are looking for theological texts, inspirational stories, biblical commentaries, or educational resources for children, our library has something for everyone.

Programs and Activities:

  1. Reading Groups and Book Clubs: Join one of our reading groups or book clubs to engage in thoughtful discussions and share insights with fellow readers.
  2. Story Time for Children : We offer regular story time sessions for children, featuring Bible stories and other faith-based narratives to instill Christian values from an early age.
  3. Bible Study Resources : Access a wide range of materials to support your personal or group Bible study sessions.
  4. Workshops and Seminars : Participate in workshops and seminars on various topics, including Christian living, theology, and personal development.

Volunteer Opportunities :

Our Library Ministry thrives on the support of dedicated volunteers. If you have a passion for books and a desire to serve, consider joining our team. Volunteers help with cataloging, organizing events, and assisting library users.

Community Outreach :

We believe in extending our resources beyond the church walls. Our Library Ministry partners with local schools and community organizations to promote literacy and lifelong learning.

Join Us :

We invite you to visit our library and explore the wealth of resources available. Whether you are looking to deepen your faith, find a quiet place for reflection, or simply enjoy a good book, our library is here for you.