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Women’s Community Bible Study


Starting on April 7th

Online Classes: Every Thursday at 6pm

Physical Classes: last Thursday of the month at 5pm

Location: Calvary Chapel Kampala on William Street

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This event is presented to you by Calvary Chapel Kampala in partnership with Reconciliation Baptist Church. We will be studying the book of Genesis verse-by-verse. This is the book that has our origin as created beings and why things exist the way they do today. In this post-modern age where truth is not certain, folks have been convinced to doubt the authenticity of the book of Genesis. We will start with the creation account discussing on topics such as the young earth, flat earth. We will answer questions like was there a global flood, were they really seven 24 hour days for the creation of the universe, why is there suffering, what is the meaning of life and is there hope? Understanding this book is really vital for our faith as Christians and there is no greater need for us to make a defence for the hope that is within us (1 Peter 3:15) than today.  

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